Our Automotive Series applications are the most efficient way to remove grease, chips, charcoal of any kind of material.

  • With minimum time requirements
  • Without damaging your componen
  • Without using solvents, only water and cleaning agents

Custom applications, even for cleaning and degreasing of large naval elements or energy production plants.

  • High Quality
  • Total removal of impurities
  • Accelerates repair processes

Solutions that eliminate perfectly the remains of all materials from soft metals to all types of plastics and rubbers.

  • Reduces consumption of de-molding agents.
  • Eliminates all remaining, burnt substances.
  • Saves high labor costs.

Commercial applications of recent development with significant technological base and high added value for your process:

  • Reduces costs for consumable supplies.
  • Saves high labour costs through X-Y robots.
  • Highly competitive prices.

Automotive parts video

Before and after samples

  • molde-aluminio-calzado
  • Sierra Madera

Projects portfolio

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  • proyectos-600x400
Maximum quality finish without manpower cost and up to 6 times cheaper regarding additives and water consumption.
For more than 50 years, UltraTecno provides industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment for different sectors and industrial applications.

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